10 November 2008

Swap Box Done!

So i finished my swap kit - finally! - for Ceciley. The problem is that now my lazy butt needs to wrap everything up and get to the post office. I sure wish they were open tomorrow. It's some sort of muggle holiday. It's also the 19th anniversary of my bat mitzvah. um, wow.. that means I'm old.

I'm not the best knitter, or the fastest, so I made 2 small things for Ceci. I really hope she likes them.. and all the tons of other things in her swap box! I haven't got a clue where my darn camera is.. and even less of a clue where the battery charger is....

I need to have my kitty Phoenix go round up some owls to carry the heavy box over to the Slytherin tower (in Tennessee) for Ceci...

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