31 August 2009

Back from the Muggle Wedding

the fiance and i went to a muggle wedding in Pittsburgh this past weekend for one of my best friends. here are 2 of my fave's from the weekend...

Us at the rehearsal dinner

The Bride and groom on their pastor's motorcycle at the reception

16 August 2009

we have socks!

this is what i've been up to lately... i am so pleased with these babies! they're sport weight with a nice open pattern that went super quick. perfect for the chilly nights at Hogwarts!

05 August 2009

Going Incommunicado for a Bit

hahahaha, that made me laugh!

my dead computer, however, made me cry, pull my hair out, and sweat bullets. i also got online with Dell tech support last night for just shy of an hour and managed to get a new motherboard and AC adapter, and fixed webcam. and the tech is coming to me.

basically, outside of work hours, i won't have any computer access for the next few days. my fiance has a computer, but it's so virus laden and painfully slow, that i will do without instead of getting frustrated at his. it was sufficient to chat with Sai in India last night, but that's about it. *sigh*