29 November 2008

my beloved car... violated

my neck's been hurting for the last few days so i took some Tylenol PM before bed and was zonked out by midnight.

this morning Steve got up to leave for work by about 9:20am. i heard him shut the door then come back in a few minutes later and he yelled up the stairs "Becca wake up and come outside!" somewhere in my drowsy state i thought.. oooh snow. yeah, not so much since his next words were "your car was broken into last night!"

i bolted out of bed, ran downstairs, managed to grab a jacket along the way and outside cursing up a storm. socked feet, no bra and all. yeah, it was special. there was a big muddy brick in my passenger seat, my window was blown out and glass was just everywhere. it looks like they'd attempted to go through my front windshield too since there's a nice 10-12" spider (only with about 20 legs heh) right below my rearview mirror.

i ran back in to grab my phone and call the cops. by the time i came back outside our neighbor and her dog had appeared and a few others. our neighbor said that around 1:30am her dog bolted downstairs barking like crazy, so we think that's when it happened. i reported what happened, gave my address and hung up. after running inside to super fast get dressed, grab my camera and run back out the police were pulling up. yeah, seriously, less then 10 minutes. CHPD rocks.

Officer Mitchell took down all my info, write up a report and gave me the number. seriously within about 35 minutes of Steve finding it, i had a report number in had.

Steve started cleaning up all the glass. for 1 window, it sure shot everywhere. we found glass behind the 2 rear seats, on the passenger side by the door, everywhere.. he swept up the parking lot, then went at the car seat by seat. i called my insurance company (Geico) who won't cover the cost until i meet my deductible but they gave me the number for a glass place to see how much it'd be. so i called Safelite Glass and got a quote. umm yeah, $415.90++ and my deductible? $500. *sigh*

then i called my renter's insurance (USAA) to see if they covered what was stolen - my GPS, cell charger and triple cigarette adapter - and they're sending out an adjuster monday or tuesday. they said they'd have covered the window but unfortunately i don't have my auto policy with them. grr, yeah thanks.

meanwhile, i called around to find other prices for the 2 windows and was quoted well over $500 by the only other place i could find to answer. i guess Safelite really is the best price. *sigh*

i'm so mad and annoyed and violated. seriously, i'm more pissed about the car charger then anything else missing.. and of course the $425++ price tag!!

oh yeah and.. i'd spent $275 yesterday getting new brakes, fixing her alignment, etc.. and now this. Steve already told me i don't have to worry about getting him anything for Christmas. cuz $700++ for my car is enough to ruin any holiday season. good thing i have the yarn for everything i'm making for everyone...

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  1. Astrid, I'm so sorry to hear your car was broken into! I just don't understand why people feel the need to be so destructive. Hope everything gets taken care of ok.