29 July 2009

Summer Games #6

first potion is "Draught of Peace" containing both Powdered Moonstone and Syrup of Hellebore

second potion is "Mandrake Draught" and is used to revive people who get petrified

third potion is "Babbling Beverage" and is used to cause the target to speak nothing but nonsense.

fourth potion is "Murtlap Essence" and is used as the antidote for the boils from the Fever Fudge from the Weasley twins' skiving snackboxes.

26 July 2009

New Muggle Blog

Hello fellow HPers!

I started a new blog this week to chronicle the trials, joys and annoyances of planning a wedding. Even though it is a "simple" Vegas wedding, there is still a lot to do for gifts and attire and hotels and and...

Needles & Pens

20 July 2009

summer games #5

1. Man or mouse? (4) animagus

2. Start spreading the news (4) daily prophet

3. Stick Tree Guardian (3) bowtruckle

4. Telescoping eavesdropper (5) extendable ear

5. Brassicaceae danglers (4) radish earrings

6. Prohibited Ggowth of trees (5) forbidden forest

7. Metallic rosy-faced child with wings (4) golden cherub

8. Fleshless black-winged skeleton (2) thestral

9. Lofty philosopher (5) high inquisitor

10. Instructive Order (7) educational decree

16 July 2009

camp awards

yay! we won something! :)

13 July 2009

Wedding Update

I won 2 free books from Inkubook.com. Just wanted to share some of the fun stuff that I've been working on! As a reminder, we're getting married in Vegas with a few friends and later, having a reception in Miami for the other 100-150 people.


07 July 2009

Summer Games 3... Fears!

One of my biggest fears is spiders. I hate the little buggers. My dorm room has the all over the place and they creep me out!

However, a little cry of ridikkulus! and they turn into.....

04 July 2009

Summer Games 2, Part 2

Here's my answers to the next set of the summer games... this was so much easier and made more sense once that problems were fixed.

17-4, 14-1, 9-6, 3-3
18-2, 3-3
19-4, 11-2, 9-3, 8-5, 15-9
7-1, 11-2
15-9, 11-2
15-9, 14-1, 9-6
13-8, 18-2, 8-5, 16-3, 6-5, 16-3, 5-3!

My guess is Hermione Granger.. who else would dart to the library on a constant basis?! :)

well I was incorrect, but at least Ron was talking *about* Hermione.. that's gotta count for something, right?