21 January 2009


i'm still alive.. but with school and work and life in general taking over i have no time to knit. yeah yeah boo hoo. hehe.

this is the latest thing that i've been working on... a baby blanket for my cousin's new baby.

Rav link

10 January 2009

Quiz #1 - HLBOE Swap

Here we go for our first quiz of the swap. it's also posted on my Ravelry

Cheers everyone!!
Astrid, Hufflepuff 1st year

04 January 2009

Start of term!

Astrid Cloverleaf here, Hufflepuff 1st year in the Hogwarts Little Bit of Everything swap. the semester has begun at Hogwarts, and this friday, my 4th to last semester of MBA classes begins in the muggle world.

This is going to be a very full year for me! Not only this swap which seems like it's going to be a very active knitting few months, but also 3 semesters of muggle MBA classes,
and planning my wedding to take place on November 29, 2009!

ME! (this is not my actual wedding gown in the off chance that my fiance finds this blog..)