27 January 2008

some FO's!

yeah yeah.. it's been quite a while since i've updated. and here's some yummy projects to show!

this blanket i finished a few weeks ago. it's my best friends christmas gift and she saw it 2/3's of the was complete.. now i have to mail it to her. the final size is 36"x56". the one i make for myself will be longer and wider. hers were for her little boys. the pattern. (it's on the Lion Brand website and you might have to log in)

and this calorimetry i started last night and finished tonight... it's so cute and actually fits on my big fat head! i used a heart shaped button closure.. it's so adorable and a perfect fit in the hole created in the pattern.

and the rest of my stuff, if you have Ravelry, is on my projects page