30 June 2009

Summer Games #2 - Anagrams!

Astrid's Answers...
  1. Chamber of Secrets
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Ron Weasley
  4. Hermione Granger
  5. Gryffindor
  6. Dark Arts
  7. Gilderoy Lockhart
  8. Chamber of Secrets
  9. House elf
  10. Harry Potter
  11. Moaning Myrtle
  12. Harry Potter
  13. Ron Weasley
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Voldemort
  16. Horcrux
  17. Ron Weasley
  18. Ginny Weasley
  19. Gilderoy Lockhart
  20. Prisoner of Azkaban

In the second volume of the HP books by JK Rowling, The (#1)Chrome Cab Festers, we continue to learn the incredible adventures of Hogwarts student (#2) Parry He Trot and his friends (#3) Oral Weensy and (#4) Angering Her More. Belonging to the house of (#5) Dry Off Grin, they attend Defense Against the (#6) Ark Darts taught by Wizarding celebrity (#7) Oracle Dorky Light, a none-too-bright fellow who cannot even handle pixies!

In The (#8) Chrome Cab Festers, we also meet Dobby a (#9)See Flu Oh for the first time. Determined Dobby seeks to sabotage the return of (#10) Parry He Trot to Hogwarts and is pretty persistent but is unsuccessful. After a few weeks at school, the deceased Ravenclaw student who haunts the girls lavatory, also known as (#11) My Molten Grain, shows (#12) Parry He Trot and (#13) Oral Weensy an old empty diary that dropped through her ghostly form out of thin air!

Many nifty things continue to happen for the next several months… we won’t go into all the juicy details right now… however, the ending is prime reading indeed!! (#14) Parry He Trot finally kills Tom Riddle’s (a.k.a #15 Mold Voter) sneaky diary (which we now know is a #16 Crux Rho) and saves the sister of (#17) Oral Weensy, (#18) Gayly Nine Sew!!!

Oh! Of course, we must mention that the thickheaded (#19) Oracle Dorky Light unintentionally erased his own memory, so he won’t be back for book three, The (#20) Snob In A Froze Parka

23 June 2009

Truths and Lie Revealed

This is a follow up from this post.

1. I tried watching LOST but don't get the appeal
LIE! I am completely and totally obsessed with this show. I would name our daughter Juliet Katherine and our son Sawyer Desmond if my fiance would let me.. but I'll be vetoed on both surely.

2. I am getting married in Las Vegas... eventually
TRUE - We are planning on either 01-11-10 or 10-10-10 in Vegas with a few friends and family members for 5 days of fun! oh, and a wedding ceremony..

3. I learned to knit in a bar
TRUE - my friend Carrie's SnB group met in a pub and she invited me to join them. After 2 or 3 amaretto sours, she taught me to knit off the needle. Prior to that I could cast on like nobody's business!

4. I was born in Miami, but feel more at home in a small city/ town
TRUE!! - I despise Miami. More than any other place I have been. I don't get the appeal to vacation there or to visit. I struggle with my yearly visits to see my entire family, who all still live there. I currently live in Chapel Hill, NC which is about 25-30 miles west of Raleigh. I have lived in Gainesville, FL (another small college town) where the biggest cities (Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa) were all 2 hours away.

21 June 2009

Testing mobile posting

17 June 2009

Week #1: New to Camp!

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?"

Astrid is bringing...
art supplies
ant spray
atomic fire balls
antibiotic ointment
Alice in Wonderland (the book)
animal crackers
alpaca yarn
apple jacks cereal

Part 2: WINGO! Wizard Bingo
I am an overachiever and went for a full black-out.. or at least I'm trying to do so. Some of these are hard to find!

W1 Cassandra Crimsonchin (over 100, but closest at about 260miles)
W2 Bevin Rae Mooney
W3 Thistle Lovegood (lion)
W4 Pren Wilcox
W5 Ophelia Ballycastle

I1 Felly Pinkstone
I2 Ferula Vector (2 sibs)
I3 Antonio de la Weasley (Casa Lomo)
I4 Rowan Dragonsinger
I5 Cassandra Grubbly-Plank

N1 Madame Ferula McGonogall (Starbucks!)
N2 Helga Ze Horrid
N3 Piper Poplartree
N4 Gryphon the Great (Trumpet)
N5 Emma Wigworthy (Edinburgh)

G1 Clara Clovenhoof
G2 Olive Bumblebirch (favorites: 425/ I have 331)
G3 Fleur Sweeting
G4 Intarsia Bindoff (Dragon)
G5 Wisteria Lovegood (Arabic)

O1 Lizzie Wychwood (England)
O2 Cassie Grubbly-Plank
O3 Winnie Wartbobble (stitch markers)
O4 Emma Scamander
O5 Bevin Rae Mooney

Part 3: Get to know your Spoiler & Spoilee
My spoiler is Felly Pinkstone (dreamwalker on Ravelry). She's got some cool stuff in her queue/ favorites. I really dig these socks, the Mirabella Socks, and even added them to my favorites!

Perhaps one day I will finish a pair of socks completely. I ususally finish one, cast on for the other, then start on a new project.

My spoilee is Winnie Wartbobble (MissWartbobble on Ravelry) and there are quite a few projects in her queue/ favorites that I have in mine. My favorite non-duplicated project is the Doctor Who scarf. My fiance has been asking for one for ages! I don't have the patience to knit knit knit knit.. and knit some more for it.. plus, he doesn't wear scarves! I am thinking that he's getting a Dalek instead..

HSKS8 Camp: First Post!

the ring post was just for a general update, now on to the good stuff!

Summer camp has begun in HSKS-land and I'm in cabin Hinkypunk!

For my spoiler, I only knit and sew; I am not a crocheter; I am not allergic to anything fiber-y, just mangoes; my wish list has just been added to my sidebar.

For my spoilee, I can't wait! Even though it terrifies me to send to the Head Mistress.. hehe

Three Truths and a Lie
1. I tried watching LOST but don't get the appeal
2. I am getting married in Las Vegas... eventually
3. I learned to knit in a bar
4. I was born in Miami, but feel more at home in a small city/ town

we can haz wedding rings

so yes, needless to say, we have our wedding rings! both are titanium with a stripe of sterling. mine is a tension ring with a mystic twilight topaz... it is the coolest stone with pinks, yellows, oranges and reds!