29 September 2007

about dang time!

I'm finally on Ravelry... come find me! and friend me!

26 September 2007

almost there...

ahhh Ravelry, I'm almost there....!

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16 September 2007

erev-birthday celebration (yesterday)

yesterday was fun. i went to the Centerfest Arts Festival in Downtown Durham with Irene, Akuma and baby Liam. we wandered around and ate (yummy festival food!) i bought a "picture" that was created as we waited. it's my name, in calligraphy and it looks like asian lettering. it is perfect for my bedroom! i got a custom-cut deep gold mat from them and got a plain black frame... it's gorgeous and looks fantastic with my new gold comforter.

i hit wally-mart afterwards and picked up a few crafty things for a swap i'm in - i made 3 sets of 5 stitch markers and then 1 additional for each lady. i group is a long black rippled bead with 1 teal bead and 1 silver butterfly. another group is tiny pink beads and 3 goldstones (brown with gold flecks). and the 3rd are all different - each had a big center stone of differing colors and smaller accent beads and silver butterflies. now to try to get pictures that come out since none have so far...!