23 June 2009

Truths and Lie Revealed

This is a follow up from this post.

1. I tried watching LOST but don't get the appeal
LIE! I am completely and totally obsessed with this show. I would name our daughter Juliet Katherine and our son Sawyer Desmond if my fiance would let me.. but I'll be vetoed on both surely.

2. I am getting married in Las Vegas... eventually
TRUE - We are planning on either 01-11-10 or 10-10-10 in Vegas with a few friends and family members for 5 days of fun! oh, and a wedding ceremony..

3. I learned to knit in a bar
TRUE - my friend Carrie's SnB group met in a pub and she invited me to join them. After 2 or 3 amaretto sours, she taught me to knit off the needle. Prior to that I could cast on like nobody's business!

4. I was born in Miami, but feel more at home in a small city/ town
TRUE!! - I despise Miami. More than any other place I have been. I don't get the appeal to vacation there or to visit. I struggle with my yearly visits to see my entire family, who all still live there. I currently live in Chapel Hill, NC which is about 25-30 miles west of Raleigh. I have lived in Gainesville, FL (another small college town) where the biggest cities (Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa) were all 2 hours away.

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