17 June 2009

HSKS8 Camp: First Post!

the ring post was just for a general update, now on to the good stuff!

Summer camp has begun in HSKS-land and I'm in cabin Hinkypunk!

For my spoiler, I only knit and sew; I am not a crocheter; I am not allergic to anything fiber-y, just mangoes; my wish list has just been added to my sidebar.

For my spoilee, I can't wait! Even though it terrifies me to send to the Head Mistress.. hehe

Three Truths and a Lie
1. I tried watching LOST but don't get the appeal
2. I am getting married in Las Vegas... eventually
3. I learned to knit in a bar
4. I was born in Miami, but feel more at home in a small city/ town


  1. I still need to post my 3 truths and a lie - I think the lie here is #2.

  2. Ok... as cool as it sounds, I don't think you really learned how to knit in a bar!