14 October 2008

howdy pardner!

hey, just getting into the lingo for our staff retreat. yup, that'd be to a dude ranch. however, 1 thing i failed to grasp is the lack of internet or even phone access! *cringe* no contact with the outside world for nearly 3 days... no talking to Steve at least once a day. no quick 2 minutes email checks on my phone. it's a scary prospect to be disconnected for that long. well, for me at least.

on the flip side, it's going to be the 23 full time staffers enjoying the outdoors. and each others company, for nearly 3 full days. there will be horseback riding (though, not for me!) and fishing and camp fires and s'mores and karaoke and steak dinners and beer and wine and and and... :o) i'll be fishing with Patsy and a few others while the rest of the staffers go horseback riding. no way am i getting on a horse! pretty to look at and pet and feed, but no thank you.

no internet, but i'm still SODAMN excited!

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