16 October 2007

FL Birthday Trip

it rained much of saturday. but we were able to get out on a boat tour in the afternoon (we saw a submarine from the naval base going out to sea!!) and a horse & buggy tour at night. and we walked all over downtown Fernandina Beach and shopped and had lunch (Brett's waterfront cafe place). we had dinner at a fabulous little restaurant (La Bodega) Saturday night.

today, we slept in, then drove down to the other end of the island and had lunch (The Surf) at this adorable little cafe with a really amazing waiter. he was a college kid but super attentive and talkative. he had no problems with us just hanging out basking in the sun. then we drove back up to Fernandina Beach to take pictures of all the houses from the horse tour last night since it was too dark. then Jen took Chanele and I to the airport to get the rental car, and she headed off to work. Chanele and i drove over to St. Augustine with a stop along the way to finally see the beach! we just stood on the walkway since the surf was pounding up and over the bottom few steps and took a bunch of pictures. i swear you'd never know we both grew up steps from the surf. i love the smell of salty ocean air! she and i walked up and down St. George St for a while until slowly all the shops were closed. Xine and her daughter drove over from Gainesville to pick up Chanele for the next leg of her trip. the 4 of us had dinner at Sonny's then they headed back there and i came to Jen's. since Chanele was leaving tonight and Jen has to take the kids to school in the morning, i would have been out there by myself. so i packed up too and am sleeping at Jen's tonight.

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ye Ole Pirate Shipe in the Fernandina Beach marina

Chanele and I on the Fernandina Beach pier

Fort Clinch - one of, if not the only forts to have never seen a single battle ever - northern tip of the island

the wild horses on Cumberland Island, north of Amelia island and the southernmost bit of Georgia land

this is a much better and clearer pic of the submarine we saw on the boat tour. it's not this close to us, i'm just on extreme optical and digital zoom to get this shot

Jen and I on the boat tour

me and one of the horse tour stars - Sarge! he was so gorgeous and kept nuzzling me

this one was at lunch this afternoon.... hey, i know i never tire of seeing pic's of myself.... ;o)

and one of me in St. Augustine/ Ponte Vedra beach

and another one of me in St. Augustine/ Ponte Vedra beach... you know, a different angle LOL

yup.. and me in St. Augustine walking along A1A/ beach front avenue!

*sigh* yes, i know i'm a cam whore...

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  1. Cute pics!!! Looks like you had fun...

    FFBE Pal