10 August 2007


yes, i just happen to like that word... it's also how i'm feeling right now. gah. the ITEIV swap isn't exactly going as planned since it's been over for a little over a week and i still don't have my bag. the one i made for Cass can't really compare to some of the others from the swap, but it was my first and turned out quite well, IMO. but meanwhile, i don't have one of my own yet :-(

i've been slacking on postings from Create-A-Connection too. i keep starring them in my reader, but never end up going back to them at home to post. yeppers... i suck!

things have been a little off recently in my personal life.
+ financial aid for this year took forever and a year to get resolved - yay for perseverance!
+ my textbooks arrived yesterday - miraculous since i ordered them on friday and expected to not even have them by start of term on the 22nd.
+ my health is deteriorating and i fear i may be pre-diabetic or at least hypoglycemic - not pretty things have been happening since tuesday at the gym.
+ work, however, is going good. my manager is quite complimentary the last week or so which is so nice (and unexpected from her reputation)!

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  1. hey girl. it's nikki, your aug swap partner. i need to know where you want to go so i can get started on my gift!! thanks!

    pookielocks at yahoo dot com