21 June 2007

Swaps and such... progress

As I just wrote on the ITEIV blog...

I've gotten so much work done being on vacation! I'm in Miami for a week visiting my family and have done so much on my bag. I am definitely going to have to buy more yarn to make myself a similar purse. I really hope my downstream loves this as much as I do!

And thanks to all for offering suggestions for lining. Once I finish, I'm going to try to find a similarly sized bag to use.

Lastly, here is an intentionally blurred progress picture...

And I mailed the scarf to Milly for the AMH Scarf Exchange earlier this week. I am so dang proud of how it turned out!

I really want to make myself one now.. LOL I learned a new stitch and it was super easy. I'm so pleased with myself! ;)

I also joined a new yarn swap and my downstream partner is Cass and now I get to try to find her some of the yarn she loves.. I've already started buying some stuff for her... now to just find that pesky yarn. ;)

I can't wait until 1 July so I can sign up for the stitch marker exchange! not that i really use them, but they're so darn adorable!

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