28 May 2007

Laptop Case

I created a laptop case for my Vaio. I needed something to keep it from being jostled so much in my messenger bag. I found a bunch of patterns online, but since I am terrible at reading patterns, I created my own. It is totally stockinette stitch and the flap was decreased a few stitches per row. I am very impressed with the way it turned out. I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Sky Blue, Pumpkin and Denim. The main body is Sky Blue, 3 rows in Pumpkin to pull the blues together, then the rest of the body and the flap in Denim. and the sides were sewn up with the Pumpkin. I even figured out buttonholes - holy shit, never again! - and sewed 3 buttons on to keep the flap shut. And just to add to the Gator-ness of it all, I put 2 Gator shaped buttons on there as well.

Nicky took the pictures during our drive to Harker's Island on Saturday. I haven't taken the actual FO pictures yet, but these are just amazing the way he took them. Considering he's barely 6 years old, you gotta agree! ;-)

Plus, the fact that it actually fits on Vaio and I only had to frog around the buttonholes... I should get major props LOL


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